2017-2018 Plans and Recommendations


Goals and objectives for 2017-18, along with current status:

Goal and reason for it Expected outcome/Final output Status

Creating an affordable and attractive housing stock for a new era

Bylaw sections under review are outlined in this one-pager and in this more detailed chart, which both reflect recommendations from the Housing Production Plan, the Equitable Development Next Steps Memorandum, and review items from Kameron Spaulding.

A detailed timeline has not been set.

1) The 2017-2022 Housing Production Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on Aug. 29, 2017.

2) Paper organizing all research into actions that PB can take was presented at Aug. 29, 2017 meeting.

On hold: 3) The Board is needs to build a work plan to pursue this project. 

Review bylaws relating to Short Term Rentals

  • Review our Seasonal Rental of Rooms bylaw 8.8.1 for appropriateness given the dramatic rise in the Short Term Rental market — e.g. AirBnB, VRBO, Homeaway, etc — as a way to vacation.
Updates to the current bylaw, 8.8.1 “Seasonal Rental of Rooms”.

See our detailed webpage on this project

Under way. A subcommittee is formed and is meeting actively.

Lenox Village parking

  • As a followup to bylaw revisions passed at Town Meeting in May 2017, work with the Town on an updated parking plan for Lenox Village that would create more spaces.
Parking Plan recommendations for Lenox Village to be handed off to the Select Board for consideration for implementation. Some work completed, will be incorporated into the Master Plan: The Board has “walked” the parking situation and in that context reviewed initial proposals. The Chair has summarized the Board’s input; the Board needs to do a final review of the memo; the work will be incorporated into the Master Plan.

 Recreational Marijuana

  • The State Legislature is expected to pass regulations to enable the sale and use of recreational marijuana by mid-year 2018.
We need to have bylaw proposals ready for Annual Town Meeting in May 2018 or at latest, Special Town Meeting in November 2018. Moratorium in place; work on bylaws to begin in Spring: Lenox passed a moratorium on recreational marijuana at Town Meeting in May 2017. The Moratorium is in place through Dec. 2018. The Planning Board expects to begin working on an updated bylaw after state regulations are adopted in March. We will likely hold several information forums, as well as a public hearing to review proposed bylaw recommendations to be voted on at Town Meeting in November. 

Lenox Dale development

  • The Select Board has asked for the Planning Board’s feedback on Lenox Dale studies, including dialogs with residents, on future potential development there.
Prioritized Action Plan for Lenox Dale Under way and will be incorporated into Master Plan: Memo from Planning Board summarizing findings so far has been completed. Will be incorporated into Master Plan.

Lenox Master Plan

  • Begin planning for 2018-19 update to the Master Plan.
  1. A plan for how to move forward including budget request if required.
  2. Gather all plans from other boards and committees and put them on a website.
Under way: Budget request for $50,000 to hire a planning consultant was presented and approved at the Nov. 2017 special Town Meeting. Scoping work on what help will be required, which will be detailed in the RFP, is under way. 

Update to Sign bylaw

  • Jim Biancolo has updated the existing Sign bylaw with the goal to make it easier for businesses and citizen to navigate and understand. So far there are no material changes.
  1. Possibly, present the revised bylaw for a vote at November Annual Town Meeting. But other bylaw and Master Plan work may delay this into the next year.
We have the proposed changes in hand. Kam Spaulding to meet with Jim to review and reflect comments of Board and also take a broader look at sign issue. Many thanks to Jim for taking this on!!!

241 Walker Street project and Approval Not Required reviews

  • Planning Board is the permit-granting authority for a New Open Space and Flexible Development Overlay District (Section 9.7) at 241 Walker anticipated shortly.
  • Various Form A / Approval Not Required reviews throughout the year.

Related and other items on the priority considerating list, recommended by Land Use Director:

  • Need to “fix” Inclusionary Zoning bylaw as per issue that came up re: Walker Street Apartments. Should be prioritized.
  • Improvement of our Zoning Bylaw.
    • These include amendments to ease the permitting burden on non-conforming parcels (i.e. make them conforming);
  • Revisit the Site Plan Review mechanism.
  • Specifically, focus on optimal zoning in Lenox Dale
  • Create a unique Town Center Village District and a unique Lenox Dale Village District.

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